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June 10th 2023

20Km - Fast & Curious

19,1 Km
590 M
03H15 (temps effectif de course)
10:00 - VEYRIER



A fast and winding route. For those passionate about running but eager to discover the curiosities of the Geneva countryside.


Attention: Parcours sous réserves de modifications 
Inscriptions / Bib distribution
Registrations until : 03.06.2023
Runner's meal on arrival to reserve at registration.

Date of bib distribution : to come

Place of bib distribution : to come

The bib can be withdraw by someone else if they can present the confirmation of registration
D Day
Chemin du Petit Veyrier 6
Lignes 8, 34 (Arrêt les Quibières)

Lignes 8, 34, 41 (Arrêt Petit-Veyrier) 

Meeting :

Departure : 

Walking poles can be used on the 20 km

Please register the number of the Race Coordinateur in your phone before departure : +41 77 481 38 94

Tropical Corner, Quai de Cologny 5, 1223 Cologny

How to come on arrival : Bus Stop " Genève-Plage"

Bus 6 (Vernier-Village - Genève-Plage)

Bus 2 (Onex-Cité - Genève-Plage)

Bus G (Veigy-Douane - Rive-Genève)

Bus E (Hermance - Rive-Genève) 

Podiums : Cathegory scratch Men/Women

Finisher medal

Finisher t-shirt


Runner's meal if reserved at registration

Free Massage

Changing rooms and showers on site 

Mandatory Equipment

Personal cup 15cl minimum 

Survival blanket

Mobile phone

Having security numbers on your personal phone list.
=> Do not mask your telephone number
=> Do not forget to have a fully charged cell phone.

Proof of identity

Waste bag