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June 08th 2024

22Km - Fast & Curious RUN

22 Km
660 M
03H15 (temps effectif de course)



Welcome to the fast and curious event of the Ecotrail Geneva, the 2 km in trailrunning or walking.


This magnificent course offers participants a particularly exotic experience, combining sporting challenges and the beauty of the landscapes. The start of this adventure is located in the farmhouse of Maison Rosset in the heart of the village of Veyrier. From the first meters, participants walk alongside the Petit-Veyrier vineyards in a rural and bucolic atmosphere. The route will quickly take you to the border towards the French department of Haute-Savoie and this is where your mountain adventure will begin. Mont Salève, nicknamed “the balconies of Geneva” then stands before you. This climb from the place called "Pas-de-l'Échelle", with a climb of 250 D+, particularly demanding over 1 km will allow you to take forest trails up to the rocky barrier that you will pass at the help of the staircase chiseled in the rock on the side of the precipice, thus offering a particularly exciting experience. Then you will follow the old railway line via a final staircase with wide cut stone steps to arrive via a flat path to the village of Monnetier where a well-deserved refreshment will await you. You will head back towards Petit-Salève and be able to admire the Alpine peaks still covered in snow with the prominent tip of Mont-Blanc. Then you will begin your descent, via gentle and rolling paths, a beautiful transition through the forests of Petit-Salève. On the way to the cool waters of the beaches of Lake Geneva, bypassing the Petit Salève and reaching the border crossing point to travel through the picturesque Swiss villages of the Geneva countryside. The final straight line, the greenway, will take you to the splendid La Grange Park where the view of Geneva's water sports with its sailboats and its summer atmosphere will mark the finish line of this exceptional event at the Tropical Corner.

Attention: Parcours sous réserves de modifications 

The Track

Inscriptions / Bib distribution
Registrations until : 06.06.2024
Runner's meal on arrival to reserve at registration.

Date of bib distribution : 

Thursday 7 June from 12.00 to 14.00


Friday 8 June from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Bib distribution venue :

At our partner Vélomania, next to Office World, Rue Eugène-Marziano 15, 1227 Carouge

Tram access: 15 & 17 stop Industriel 


Train access: Lancy Pont Rouge station

A third party may collect your number if they have your confirmation. 


D Day
Chemin du Petit Veyrier 6
Lignes 8, 34 (Arrêt les Quibières)

Lignes 8, 34, 41 (Arrêt Petit-Veyrier) 

Meeting :

Departure : 10:00

Walking poles can be used on the 22km

Please register the number of the Race Coordinateur in your phone before departure : +41 77 481 38 94

Tropical Corner, Quai de Cologny 5, 1223 Cologny

How to come on arrival : Bus Stop " Genève-Plage"

Bus 6 (Vernier-Village - Genève-Plage)

Bus 2 (Onex-Cité - Genève-Plage)

Bus G (Veigy-Douane - Rive-Genève)

Bus E (Hermance - Rive-Genève) 

Podiums : Cathegory scratch Men/Women

Finisher medal

Finisher t-shirt


Runner's meal if reserved at registration

Free Massage

Changing rooms and showers on site 

Mandatory Equipment

Personal cup 15cl minimum 

Survival blanket

Mobile phone

Having security numbers on your personal phone list.
=> Do not mask your telephone number
=> Do not forget to have a fully charged cell phone.

Proof of identity

Waste bag

Any question?