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June 08th 2024

34 Km - Relay - Corporate challenge

34 Km
06H00 (temps effectif de course)


34KM Relay 3 runners team

Create your dream team, with colleagues, family or friends ! Live together the experience of those fabulous 30km between mountains, lake, rivers and forest trail! t


Relais Pt Départ / Pt arrivée Distance  D+ D-
Relay 1 : the Climber   Ferme à Rossey, Veyrier 7.3km  390m  150m
Relay 2 : the Trailer  Parking, Le Coin  18km  900m  1130m
Relay 3 : the Sprinter   Centre, Pas de l'Echelle 9.3km  50m  100m


Please note: Route subject to change

The Track

Inscriptions / Bib distribution
Registrations until : 06.06.2024
Runner's meal on arrival to reserve at registration.

Date of bib distribution :

Thursday 6 June from 12.00 to 14.00


Friday 7 June from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Bib distribution venue :

At our partner Vélomania, next to Office World, Rue Eugène-Marziano 15, 1227 Carouge

Tram access: 15 & 17 stop Industriel 


Train access: Lancy Pont Rouge station

A third party may collect your number if they have your confirmation. 

D Day
Departure relay 1 : 9h30
Chemin du Petit Veyrier 6
Lines 8, 34 (Bus Station les Quibières)
Lines 8, 34, 41 (Bus Station Petit-Veyrier)

Departure relay 2

Above the car park at le Coin

Take the Bus D from the Jonction towards Saint-Julien- en -Genevois as far as "Saint-Julien- en Genevois SNCF".

From there, take the Bus M in the direction of Collonges-Salève as far as "Collonges- sous- Salève Bourg Haut".

Then walk as indicated (about 1.5km)

Please check the timetable in advance, as there is not much transport at the weekend.

Departure relay 3

Pas-de-l'Echelle , Veyrier / Crossroads before customs (France side)

Take bus 8 from Cornavain station in the direction of Veyrier-Village and get off at the "Veyrier Village" terminus

Walking poles can be used on the 30 km

Please register the number of the Race Coordinateur in your phone before departure : +41 77 481 38 94

Tropical Corner, Quai de Cologny 5, 1223 Cologny

How to come on arrival : Bus Stop " Genève-Plage"

Bus 6 (Vernier-Village - Genève-Plage)

Bus 2 (Onex-Cité - Genève-Plage)

Bus G (Veigy-Douane - Rive-Genève)

Bus E (Hermance - Rive-Genève) 

Podiums : Cathegory scratch Men/Women

Finisher medal

Finisher t-shirt


Runner's meal if reserved at registration

Free Massage

Changing rooms and showers on site 

Mandatory Equipment

Water minimum liquid 0.5L

Food reserve

Personal cup 15cl minimum 

Survival blanket

Mobile phone

Having security numbers on your personal phone list.
=> Do not mask your telephone number
=> Do not forget to have a fully charged cell phone.

Proof of identity

Waste bag

Any question?