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Participation in the EcoTrail Genève® events entails the de facto acceptance without reservation of these rules and the ethical charter of the race:




Garbage cans are placed in large numbers in each refueling area and must imperatively be used for selective sorting of waste by theorganization. Therefore, any runner caught knowingly throwing their waste on the course will be disqualified.


All eco-trailers undertake to comply with federal road traffic legislation (LCR on Swiss territory and Highway Code on French territory). All eco-trailers undertake to cross the roads on pedestrian crossings or at places indicated by the race marshals and to respect the highway code by remaining attentive to vehicles which have priority.


All eco-trailers agree to run on the sidewalks when they are not granted access to the road. All registrants undertake to take the paths marked out by the organization in their entirety without cutting. Indeed, cutting a path causes irreversible erosion of the site and therefore degrades it permanently. Failure to comply with this directive will result in disqualification of the runner.